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 The mobileManager app has already been released and is ready for downloading for both Android and iOS mobile devices, so you can already test it and begin using it!


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 Last November 27th was performed the Final Workshop of the MobileManager project in CITEVE (Vila Nova de Famalicão). 

  This event had been the major activity in the project dissemination, and its main objective was to make the disclosure of the mobile application that have been developed along the project. After this event, the app will be able to download in the Google Play store.

DSC 3998  IMG 8925  IMG 20141126 163205  


This sessions had taken place each one in each country of the members of the partnership. It was a dissemination task with the objective of involve the users in the tests of the application.  They taked place at the next dates in each country: 


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 Comming up MobileManager app.

 app   app2



 MobileManager project is preparing for the Final Workshop in Portugal and have designed a new rollup for the dissemination of the project. 





 MobileManager project was disseminated in an event realised in AITEX last november 2014. It was an opportunity to let the people would know about the project near to its finish.

 IMG 20141106 111648  IMG 20141106 111554



 MobileManager consortium is preparing the workshops/validation sessions. 

This is the major event of regarding the project dissemination. This event will ve in Portugal and has involved all the skateholders and target public of this project. In this event, the mobile learning application, mobileManager, was disclosed to all the public.

After this final workshop the mobileManager application was publicated in the application stores of the Android and iOS systems.



 An AITEX magazine article that talks about the MobileManager project:

MobileManager AITEX magazine

revsita mayo 2014 AITEX MOBILEMANAGER



 MMC have his own page of the MobileManager project in their web site:

MMC MobileManager Website

mmc web



The MobileManager project (Lifelong Learning Programme - LLP), coordinated by AITEX, is close to his finish after eighteen months of implementation.

The last 8th of April was performed the 4th control and monitoring session of the project in Roubaix (France) in the IDEES-3COM facilities where the whole consortium defined the path forward in this final phase of the project that ends next October.

The meeting was mainly focused on developing an application for Smartphones, which is the final product of the project, setting out the tasks for its proper performance and activities for further evaluation with end users in different parts of Europe.

 IMG 20140408 120912  IMG 20140408 120930



MobileManager was present in the Europe Technology Platform (ETP) Conference disseminating the project results.

ETP Conference 2014 - Programme

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MobileManager Brochure document is now avaliable here:

MobileManager Brochure 




A MobileManager article is now in the IDEES-3COM website:

Idees-3COM MobileManager Article

idees-3com web 



3th project meeting has took place in MMC (Mediterranean Management Center Ltd) facilities in Cyprus the last 16th of October 2013.

During the meeting the EUPA methodology was presented on assessment and the consortium discussed how that assessment will be adapted into the MobileManager mobile application and its limitations. After this meeting the design, validation and other facts related with the learning mobile application were solved.




With MobileManager we are going to show you how to implement an Integrated Management System (IMS), according to the following standards:

- ISO 9001:2008, focusing on quality management;
- ISO 14001:2004, focusing on environmental management;
- OSHAS 18001:2007, focusing on occupational health and safety management;
- ISO 50001:2011, focusing on energy management. 

And only using your mobile phone (iOS or Android)!



If you want to participate as end-user validating the MobileManager tool you can fill the questionnaire available at the next link in the MobileManager website.

Thank you for your collaboration.



In October 2012, the project mobileManager started, co-funded by Leonardo Da Vinci, in the framework of the Lifelong Learning Life Program. This project arises from the fusion of the results of 2 previous projects: Game4manager and EUPA. Game4Manager is a serious game with an e-learning course related with Environment, Energy, Quality and Health and Safety areas, oriented to companies’ workers, unemployed people with high degree education and also students of these areas. EUPA project consists in a methodology through which an qualification framework developed identifies the importance of different learning outcomes. This is achieved by an assessment tool that evaluated the knowledge, skills and competences of the learners.

 The main goal of mobileManager - Mobile Learning for Implementation of Integrated Management System, is to create a mobile application with training contents that support managers, technicians, unemployed people with high degree education and also students to learn how to implement an Integrated Management System in SMEs.

 The achievement of this project will support the acquisition of key competences in the shape of knowledge and skills that are appropriated to a specific context and can be fundamental for individuals to get involved with new technologies but also increasing their specific skills in what concerns the implementation of Management Systems (Environment, Energy, Quality and Health and Safety).

The results of the project will be available via mobile phones, namely for android and iphone that have the biggest users platforms in terms of mobile apps. Every day, people make download of new applications and we expect to use this trend in favour of the project. The dissemination activities will be also important to launch the results and ensure that the general public is aware of this app.

 With mobileManager we will have a final product that results from the efforts of entities from 5 different countries (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Cyprus), promoting an exchange of knowledge and the dissemination of the results to a wider public:

The mobileManager project also aims at contributing to a Europe of knowledge through the development of collaboration area in the training field in order to promote the lifelong learning and to increase knowledge and skills to enhance the companies and their employees’ competitiveness.

The consortium is developing the repository with learning contents and the questionnaire for the establishment of the mobile skills situation is available in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, Greek and French.



The 2nd Meeting was held at NTT facilities (Prato) the 4th of April 2013 where it was presented the main activites carried out and the following 6 months was organized.

In this meeting it were discussed the issue of assessment as well as the methodology to be used to transfer the EUPA assessment methodology to MobileManager application. Also, it was discussed all the results related with the pedagogic content.

 DSCF3117      Foto: Project meeting at Prato in Tecnotessile.



You can follow MOBILEMANAGER group through Facebook button.




MobileManager project has appeared the the AITEX magazine describing the objectives of the project. The project appeared in page 51 of the magazine:

AITEX Magazine 43.pdf

 aitex magazine 12



The Kick off meeting was organized in AITEX premises on the 24th October 2012 where the work for the following 6 months was organized.

The main goal of mobileManager - Mobile Learning for Implementation of Integrated Management System, is to create a mobile application with training contents that support managers, technicians, unemployed people with high degree education and also students to learn how to implement an Integrated Management System in SMEs. This will be achieved by transferring the results of Game4Manager (serious game with an e-learning platform related with the Integrated Management of Environment, Energy, Quality and Health and Safety Systems) to a mobile platform, available to everyone trough Android and iPhone, and transfer, in addition, EUPA project – Validation of Formal, Non-Formal and Informal Learning, to assess the knowledge, skills and competences that are developed by the users/trainees during the learning immersion in mobileManager.

During the meeting the partners introduced themselves and the coordinator presented the products to be transferred. The main activities of the project were presented and the first activities were scheduled.